Friday, June 24, 2011

Trey's baseball 2011

Trey's machine pitch team is having a great season! Coached by his dad...they are now 5-1 overall! Trey has made several outs as their 3rd baseman and has hit 3 home runs so far this season! Keep up the good work boys! 2011

Trevor (pitcher) tagging a kid out at home plate.

Trevor's team is doing well this season...The rain delayed the start of their season, but now they are in full swing and are 4-2 in the standings. Last night Trevor hit a home run bringing in 2 RBI's. He also hit a double. He played second base and pitched. Made a fantastic catch at second for an out and threw it to 3rd for the double play!!! They won 14-4! Great game for Trev!!! Keep it up!!