Friday, April 27, 2012

Getting with it~

Ever since I was diagnosed with breast cancer on October 3rd, 2011, I have been telling myself that I need to take better care of me. Well that is not as easy as it I make excuses for the reasons why I am not doing it, such as, we are too busy, the kids keep us running most of the time, or, I will start tomorrow, I will do it later, I have a headache today, I am tired today, I am working today. Crazy idiotic excuses made by me to make myself feel better for not being the best me that I can be. I am not overweight, but I am not healthy either. I also have the fear of course that at some point the cancer may come back. Well, I am not doing anything to prevent it...such as a good diet, daily exercise. Granted, I am careful with my exposure to the sun, again, I am not overweight, I don't smoke (never have), but I need to eat a healthier diet and do a daily exercise routine. I also need to drink more water and cut out diet Dr. Pepper for which I am totally and utterly addicted to. LOL Why is this so important? Because I need to reduce my chances of getting cancer again because I have 3 of the most wonderful sons that anyone could have and they are depending on me to be here. I want to see them graduate from high school, go to college, become something fantastic, get married and have some grandkids someday. So, with that said, I need to get up of my lazy keister and start doing what I need to do. PREVENT CANCER. Get in shape, have more energy and quit making excuses for why I can't get it done. I owe it not only to myself, but to my sons.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Surgery ~

Well I had another surgery yesterday at KU. Dr. Ponnuru, my plastic surgeon did a great job.. I am now the proud owner of two 500 cc silicone implants. I felt really bad yesterday....nauseu and all, but woke up this morning feeling much better. I have to go back in a week to see the doc again...He was contemplating another surgery which would be to take fat  from my stomach ( which would be a good thing) and add it up top for a fuller look. The bad thing would be that they would have to put me to sleep again to do that... Not sure if I am up to that, but I will just wait and see what he says. At any rate...feeling good today and thankful for another step in this long process to be over with! They even gave me a card with the implants they put in on it....I am supposed to keep it for my records. LOL The surgery yesterday was only about 1 1/2 hours. We had to be there at 5:30 am and I was home by 2:00pm which was very nice!